Mama’s Goat Barn

(Excerpt from the memoir Nettles and Roses) Mama’s goat barn before it was condemned. Oil painting by the author. In the summer of 1965 Mama placed a two-hundred-dollar silent bid on an abandoned house and the three acres on which it sat; the property abutted her land. Actually, the house had been a cozy cottageContinue reading “Mama’s Goat Barn”

Outhouse Spelunking

Excerpt from the memoir titled Nettles and Roses Papa, with Charles’ help, dug a new hole for the outhouse when the contents of the previous hole had almost reached ground level. One day shortly before a new hole was dug, Ted and I found ourselves examining Mama’s new refillable ink pen. Ted was nine years oldContinue reading “Outhouse Spelunking”

Playing with Dead Rats: Searching for Humanbeingness

During lunch break, a group of teachers, all women, had gathered in the lounge to savor cups of hot coffee, check out catalog bargains, and talk about home and school. In one of the conversations, a second-grade teacher shared that several little girls in her class regularly brought Barbie and Ken dolls to school. She remarkedContinue reading “Playing with Dead Rats: Searching for Humanbeingness”

A Christmas Story: Eight Hens Roosting

Excerpt from the memoir titled Nettles and Roses Sixty-four Year Old Santa Under the Christmas Tree (Henry David, a vintage doll, sits next next to Santa. Henry (named after Thoreau) was rescued from an abandoned cabin shortly before it was demolished.) After the house burned and while we were living in a one room tar-paperContinue reading “A Christmas Story: Eight Hens Roosting”