Mr. Butler and Miss Lilly

”Jack, leave Boots alone. Miss Lilly will get upset if you frighten her cat, and she’ll be ornery,” Mr. Butler grumbled to his dog.  Jack ignored the grumble and barked loudly while racing up the walkway. When the cat yowled loudly, the door flew open! “You know better than to bring that beast here!” MissContinue reading “Mr. Butler and Miss Lilly”

Elocution Lessons

Excerpt from Nettles and Roses: A Mother Remembered. (Elocution hand positions pictured.)             Before church service each Sabbath, the head elder, Brother Lane, gave announcements, and one Sabbath he announced that the church had a piano to give away. Before heading home, Mama told Brother Lane that she wanted the piano for her children. He didn’tContinue reading “Elocution Lessons”

Excerpt from Lost and Found and Found Again: A Math Mystery

We Encounter Hitalittle Bear Dog had been waiting for me at the door. He was talking to an old man who appeared to be able to understand dog talk.  Bear said, “Here comes my friend.”              And the old man answered, “I’ll open the door. It’s a little big for you and your buddy.”             “Thanks,” BearContinue reading “Excerpt from Lost and Found and Found Again: A Math Mystery”

Mama’s Goat Barn

(Excerpt from the memoir Nettles and Roses) Mama’s goat barn before it was condemned. Oil painting by the author. In the summer of 1965 Mama placed a two-hundred-dollar silent bid on an abandoned house and the three acres on which it sat; the property abutted her land. Actually, the house had been a cozy cottageContinue reading “Mama’s Goat Barn”

Outhouse Spelunking

Excerpt from the memoir titled Nettles and Roses Papa, with Charles’ help, dug a new hole for the outhouse when the contents of the previous hole had almost reached ground level. One day shortly before a new hole was dug, Ted and I found ourselves examining Mama’s new refillable ink pen. Ted was nine years oldContinue reading “Outhouse Spelunking”